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Caftan Dress

Traditional Turkish Kaftans

by admin 17 Apr 2019

Kaftans, sometimes known as Caftans, have a long history around the world. It simply means covering garment but it actually means more than that.  Having started in ancient Mesopotamia, it began to spread and worn by people around the world. Wearing a Kaftan had different meanings and different purposes for each person and culture. Initially, Kaftan’s popularity spread throughout the Ottoman Empire and it became the center of attention. Ottoman Kaftan was made with wool, cashmere, silk or cotton. According to the fabric it has made with, it changed meanings. It became more luxurious and it became a symbol of wealth, power and status. Sultans of the Ottoman Empire treated Kaftans as classic Ottoman clothing and they had worn it extremely often, almost always. Kaftans were also given to important generals and people as rewards. Colors, ribbons, buttons, and patterns used for decorating the garment had shown the status of the person who had worn it.

Ottoman clothing styles have an effect on Turkish clothing styles. The effects are not seen on the daily clothing but they are still visible in some traditional events. They might be seen in special occasions and wedding celebrations. The most common and long-lasting events that still include Kaftan are weddings. Turkish traditional weddings are known for their three days long entertainment and bride’s clothing choice. Before the big wedding day and before wearing the wedding dress, most of the brides choose to wear Bridal Kaftans. Brides can wear them however they like and want. It can be worn as a coat over any dress or it can be bought as a whole. Long Kaftan dresses came with a great spectrum of colors, length, style, and patterns; Bridal Kaftans are still very popular among the brides who want a traditional wedding. Brides may choose already prepared Kaftans or they may want a hand-made, special design made only for them.

Kaftan styles and used areas vary from culture to culture, ethnic to ethnic and place to place.  In most cultures, it is worn as an overdress or coat. Long sleeves, long-length and specially designed patterns are the defining features of a Kaftan. At that time, it was only a luxurious and flamboyant overdress. And ethnic Kaftans were unique only to ethnics around the Middle East and Asia but the 1960’s version of Kaftan in Europe and America had given a different meaning to Kaftan. It became more simple and easy to wear, and it did not say anything about the status of a person who wore it. It was just an adaptation of an ethnic dress to bohemian and exotic fashion.  And to this day; it is still a part of the cultures around the world.

As Sultan Dress, we are maintaining this trend. If you are looking for a Bridal Kaftan or if you just want an evening dress that will stand out among the others; our many great choices are here for you. With an amazing history all around the whole world; Kaftan is one of the most outstanding cultural dresses of all time and wearing a one will make you feel like a queen. Not an Ottoman or African queen, you will definitely feel like your own queen in a beautiful Kaftan. And you do not have to look for it around, it is already here; in front of your eyes. Just pick the best color that will look stunning on you and order your Kaftan, whether for your wedding or any special occasion you want. You can make sure that wherever you are, all of the eyes will be on you!

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